Sep 3, 2012

Four years and counting!

Exactly four years ago we started the Evergreen RR club with 12 members and a dream. On September 1st, 2008 was our official start of a hope that  we could get more members, plan a layout that would be interesting and start building something that is considered special in the hobby world
Did we succeed? We think so as I will show a few examples of what we have done. Our current roster is 28 members and we have room for 2 more. We have money in the bank to pay our rent, electricity, and a few bucks left over for making the layout even better.
How much better can a model railroad club get?  Mount Whitney is now a favorite spot of mine to shoot trains traversing the mountain.
This photo is about a year old as the Blue main yard has been completely ballasted by the Evergreen crew.
Other than the port area which we will discuss this Thursday night at our meeting the layout seems nearing completion. We invite anyone to stop by on our regular get togethers on Tuesday afternoons and Thursdays from 1 pm to about 9 pm.  We love showing it off and we are finalizing a new 5 year lease agreement with the landlord. That gives us a lot of confidence that what we build will survive till September  2017 and perhaps beyond.

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