Aug 28, 2015

Aluminum Overcast visits Felts Field on tour of Northwest

My second hobby interest is military history and a B-17 is a big part of a conflict called World War 2. It's on display on Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm at Felt's Field in the Spokane Valley.
Without the B-17 doing its thing back in 1942 and onward  it could be argued that Adolph's boys would still be ruling the European continent. The sacrifices the men that flew them is represented in this machine of war.
The nose art says it's the "Aluminum Overcast" but I think I heard it was a remake of the real one that did 31 bombing raids over Europe. Many of them did not survive the anti-aircraft fire and the fighters.
It was so clean it looked like it just came out of the factory on its way to combat but that was 70 years ago when I was just a mere child.  How many of us could do it today to do what they did so many years ago?
By the way, this power set was waiting for clearance to get on the BNSF main at Felt's Field on the UP (ex- Spokane International trackage ) through Spokane.

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