Aug 16, 2015

Same railroad.... 3 different paint shcemes

While going to work I noticed a blinking yellow light on one of the BNSF signal towers so I made a trek to the Irvin Bridge with 3 seconds to spare and caught these three fellas moving a very long coal train. I checked for any coal dust but could not come up with any.
Beside 3 units on the front this pusher is assisting with a push on the rear so less strain is put on the couplers to hold 100 plus cars together. The engineer in the lead unit runs this one as well.
I made my way down Trent Avenue about one mile and saw another headlight that was following the coal train and this one was quite unusual as it turned out to be the Boeing Air Force!
They are assembled in the midwest and sent to Everett or Seattle for final assembly as long as they stay out of the rivers along the way. One day I catch a passenger train, the next day I catch a airplane train. The best part is that no one caught me!
This guy was waiting for the Boeing train to pass and started backing up into Yardley with this collection of slightly rusted tanks? boilers? atom bombs? on very long drop bottom flat cars for such loads.
On the way home I stopped at the train clug to do a little painting for one of the members on his diesel and found a crew doing new track lighting of rhte back of the club! Scotty was doing great work with supervisors Marvin and Keith keeping an eye on him. It must be a union job?

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