Sep 6, 2015

Remember 3206?

This is a rare photo of the 3206 under steam that one of the NRHS members decided to test it out. The historical society in Spokane moved it to the Spokane Fairgrounds around 1979 so I would guess this is 1982. I will eventually letter the engine to its proper number and details.
Well here's my memory of it as my life was intertwined with this engine for many years when I was with the NRHS in Spokane. I helped raise the money to move it from High Bridge park where vandals were taking a toll on it. Got it located in the Fairgrounds for protection and many other things. Woops, there's the edge of the earth!
The tender is not right as it was an oil burner, not coal.
The 4 passenger cars I got in New Jersey 2 months ago and now represent the type of cars the 3206 would
have pulled from Spokane to Wallace, Idaho and other places back in the day.  The engine came from
the Calvin Tucker estate sale. Smoke would be nice?
Marvin's 4 car North Coast Limited crosses Beaver Canyon in the front part of the layout.
Greg's 5 unit freight set is making time and money for the man as it traverses the middle section of the layout. The cattle business is still going strong on the railroad.

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