Aug 2, 2015

All play and no work makes JIm and Marvin want to fix stuff.

Like any railroad in the world or any where else you need to fix stuff to make it work properly. Jim Bowden and Marvin Sheppard made short work or a major repair in adding a new switch for the log reload and fix a slight droop in one of the mainlines.  This stuff does not fix itself!
Careful measuring and adjustments are important as our little couplers seems to find any weakness in the system. Plenty of padding and plywood keeps the tracks underneath from getting hurt. (and knees too!)
They got everything in place so the guys were able to run on Thursday night including this monster of a train being assembled by Steve Wesolowski with 3 large GEs and 40 well cars with 86 containers. What, you don't believe me?
Steve put the train through its paces and worked perfectly just like the right ones! Count 'em!
Here is the tail shot of the Hyundai container train with the power in the distance background. Who
said you can't run big trains at the Evergreen?
Greg Mercier had this huge NP train running most of the day with 5 freight units on the point.

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