Aug 13, 2015

Let there be Lights!

The 8 foot flouresent tube lights are gone and 18 can lights on tracks are in place at the rear of the club.
Here is a random shot of Mount Whitney without any additional lighting needed so the photos should be better than before with the new system. Thanks to Scotty, Marvin and Keith who did
most of the work and purchased all the equipment.
Greg Mercier filled in the gaps in the mountain with plaster cloth to make ready for the "Oatmeal" filler and the retaining walls

Another example of better lighting is the yard at the port district so my life will be easier to make these e-mails good good.
Tom Kirk get a lesson in airbrush at the spray booth yesterday. The cab is being held by a cardboard tube to keep fingers off wet paint.
Scotty Smith clowns it up with this animated head he built for a church function out of blue foam. He says the eyes can move by some magic feature. You don't argue with a guy twice your size!

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