Aug 16, 2015

Leftovers from the leftovers.

New member Janis shows off her variety of equipment with a little 2-6-0 pulling a passenger train that I rode on some 40 years ago from Durango to Silverton on the Denver & Rio Grande Western. The water car is a nice touch as there may be a need down the tracks. Look at all those nice little orange passenger cars....and orange ice reefers!
Maybe we should have called our club the Orange club as that color seems to show up more often than any other?
See, more orange! Its not my imagination, is it?
More orange, again!  Where are the color police?
Even Mike Baker as fallen into to the orange virus syndrome !
Oh, this isn't orange but good old Evergreen Green! It's a caddy for all the Digitract controllers that need a home!
At least they are not orange!

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