Aug 16, 2015

Tales from the crypt

Just like the real railroads we employed the same trick to recover an errant steam engine that failed on the road. Our green branch is difficult to reach in some places so on the the guys decided to bring in a diesel of the same railroad to save it from the torch.
New member Bob Gadsby goes modern with a brand new Dash 9 pulling a deslectic collection of cars including Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.
Bob's most unique car was this Oscar Meyer load bringing 2 of their famous automobiles decked out with the famous hot dog on the top. Tie downs would be nice?
Marvin went 1950's on us with his 2 GP9s in his favorite railroad passing Bakersville.
John Schwarze must be showing off the first days of the BN with 4 different locos with 3 of the
merger roads represented...GN, Burlington and NP. The interloper is a leased Western Pacific unit.
Greg filled in the holes in the mountain with plaster gauze. Next week we add scenery.
Spike Gorley had his BNSF train pulling a long container train on the Blue Main. Looks like Evergreen territory is having a shortage of rainfall as well.

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