May 1, 2015

Tuesday afternoon at Evergreen.

Milwaukee Road steam is still earning their keep of the branch lines across America so this photo proves! The branch lines were not privileged to have overhead wires so steam had to be used until the diesels arrived.
Great Northern Fs still rule the rails back in 1950 as steam engines were bring retired for the "modern" diesels of the day.  This set is crossing Bowden Bridge on the Blue line where nary a fish has ever been caught here.
Marvin joined the 21st Century with a purchase of a brand new SD70 in BNSF colors with sound no less.
Now all those Boeing aircraft bodies will reach their destination on time and out of the river somewhere.
My Spokane International RS-1 was doing some switching in the port district with 2 idler flat cars to make the moves so the diesel did not go on the barge itself.
Jim picked up this Harley Davidson Bike Shop building and it fit right in the trolley property. Now the trolley system in making a profit with the added income! Thanks Jim!

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