May 10, 2015


Since Border Patrol agents don't have enough to do on the Evergreen Railroad they are now keeping an eye on the second biggest threat in the USA. How did he get here?
Across the canyon is Mr. Railfan recording history as rumor has it that the mine railroad is considering replacing their steam engines with the environmentally friendly diesels! This guy could also stop useing up food stocks and lose a few pounds!  A better shot for him would be to take a step to his right!
One of Steve Wesolowski's models last week was a group of SP&S wood chip cars that he weathered up.
This flat car done by Steve as he described the load was done with individual wood strips using short pieces for the end pieces so the inside is empty. Give him an award with patience!
My flat car was done with commercial loads including the steam donkey. The tie downs are two threads
wound around each other and CA glued together to give it a look of cable. Economical over chain?
My favorite caboose for the Great Northern is this custom build wood model of a rebuilt box car into a caboose. It worked around Spokane for a number of years before it was dismissed.

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