Apr 25, 2015

Calvin returns to the Evergreen!

Snowbird Calvin spent the winter in Arizona and returned to the club this Thursday. Marvin explains what we've done recently to Cal as Marv's Boeing train passes by.
New member Steve Wesolowski showed up with more prize winning models with this beauty of an SP&S FA with all the goodies on it. All that's missing is the weathering!
My Big Boy was taken out for a spin as Don's Milwaukee Road steam train makes its way over a bridge on the Green branch.
Marvin waits for the arrival of his 3 Northern Pacific passenger locos so in the mean time he was
using my freight units to get it over the line.
New member Richard Mewes passes the stock yard recently installed with his UP SD45
John Schwarze entered the action with his Western Pacific set of GEs and EMD power as it cruises
past the port district.
The Milwaukee Road F45s catch up with Steve's SP&S freight. It shows the seperation between the 2 major rail lines we have on the Evergreen. We call it the Blue main in front and the Red main further away. Got any name suggestions for the lines?  The Green branch goes over the top of the Red main.

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