May 14, 2015

Random shootings....the good kind.

Coming back from Coeur d'Alene to visit member Calvin Tucker in the hospital I saw 2 westbounds stopped at Barker Road and thought something may be coming at me. I was wrong this local was sitting on Irvin Bridge but not in a photographable spot but then I saw its headlight moving and caught him near Yardley.
I then heading west on Mission near the College and a Canpotex train was block the crossing with helpers still not past the road. I then went to Trent Ave. where the lead power was at and shot him there. I wanted to tell him he was hanging over the road but what could he do as he was waiting for the BNSF signal to allow him to get on to the main line and off Union Pacific ( ex-Spokane International ) trackage.
I proceeded west a short distance and these SD60 wide nose units were waiting to into or past Yardley.
I then heard horns blowing and knowing that it was the CP/UP train finally getting clearance and crossing Trent.
I then scooted to an opening near Sunset Junction hobby shop and met Mellow Mike waiting to take
pictures of whatever was coming down the line. I told him about this train and here she is moving at about 10 MPH.
Since its going west for export then it has to be a loaded train with 2 helpers that I mentioned in the
earlier photo. These are unmanned, the guy up front is in charge of them.
On the way home back to the Spokane Valley hear comes an empty heading back to Canada on the UP
and got ahead of it to shoot it at Millwood. This one with the camera on 200mm.
Then this wider shot at about 25 mm. The road to the left is the old Spokane & Inland Empire
electric line to Couer d'Alene, then the Great Northern, now nothing.

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