May 3, 2015

Thursday rumblings

After owning this Santa Fe PA passenger set for years I thought I ought to run it on the layout so here it is. These Alcos were once considered honorary steam engines and I agree. When starting the belching smoke would make you agree as well.
Old 684 needs a drink of pure mountain water from the water tank on its way up the hill.
Steve Wesolowski brought in this huge auto rack train pulled by BNSF contempory GE units.
Steve is gathering video of our layout with his stuff and others to make one heck of a presentation when he gets done.
My Union Pacific Gas Turbine shook the rafters again as it made its way just like the real ones did
in Utah with their jet engine sounds.
The Spokane International merger has started as a hand me down caboose is added to the roster. I saw the C20 many times and we also had a steam era caboose owned by Dan Eagle until a hobo started a fire inside to warm himself up and wrecked it.

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