May 15, 2015

A little of everything!

I get sent a lot of everything and some of it is worth sending down the line. Here we have an action shot of a Milwaukee Road Little Joe coming east out of the Saint Paul Pass tunnel between Idaho and Montana. June 15th, 1974 was the last of the electrics.
This is a late afternoon shot of Latah bridge just west of Spokane where 4 BNSF GE units are making their way west over a rather modern bridge construction. Photo by Ted Curphey.
The view from New Jersey overlooking the Hudson River towards New York can be spectacular! My nephew Kevin Quinn took this shot from the Hoboken tower at the new Freedom Tower where the Twin Towers used to stand before 9-11.
A couple of us had lunch at Donna's Restaurant last week and this old Hudson automobile was parked outside for our enjoyment. My dad had one back in the day but I don't remember it being this pretty?
Ted Curphey chased the Canadian Pacific passenger train that passed through last month to Latah Bridge where he took the photo this time from the south side of the bridge.
How many RS-71s did we own? These fast movers were photo planes that kept an eye on the bad guys and we had at least 11 of them unless this photo has been altered? They had everything shot at them but could not catch up. I think all of them are now retired with other methods now doing the job.

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