May 14, 2015

Up close and personal.

When I got to Spokane in 1967 to live here I found that the Parkwater roundhouse had 2 steam engines stored in there. One of them was the little 0-4-0 Minatonka and the other was the 4-4-0 (count the wheels) #684. They are gone now.
Several years ago I purchased this engine in Southern Railway lettering but that would not do as I don't model that road. I wanted to do it in NP #684 lettering so I changed it to what I remembered.
It was a well detailed engine with 3 kinds of smokestacks and 3 kinds of fuel, wood, coal and oil. I liked the balloon stack and the wood look so I changed it to what it might have looked like in the late 1880's. Adding some smoke and steam helps the look as well.
I got the camera about as close as I could and for it to still shoot the photo. The bridge is neat as well.
Reaching over into the scenery gave me another angle that I never shot before and the moose seems displeased with the arrival of this noisy machine.
Passing over a bridge has the crew a little nervous as one derailment could mean doom!

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