May 10, 2015

Long live the Santa Fe... the original Santa Fe, not the current BNSF version!

The Santa Fe Railroad was a special railroad, especially the Warbonnet painted locomotives. My favorite locomotive was the Alco PA version with the long squared off nose that impressed me so much when I was just a little kid.
Last week I brought my Santa Fe collection down to the club but the only ones I put on the tracks was the PAs in an ABB arrangement meaning a A unit had the control cab and the others were just power sets.
I took photos at different locations but knowing I will only show one of them in my weekly reports on club activities. Here this one is pacing a competitor on the service road next to the port district.
Same spot as an earlier photo but from a high, look down location giving the shot a much different view of the train.
Approaching the port district is our grain tower and the service road with lots of tracks showing the
different railroads of the club.
Being the Santa Fe used the big Alcos in passenger service the shot is probably at San Diego or Los Angeles stations. Two EMD cab units are also present with their stubby nose characteristics. Makes todays railfanning kind of boring with so much gone.

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