Sep 21, 2013

The Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, WA (Part 2)

When was the last time you saw a real V-2 rocket? I never did until last Sunday when we visited the museum. This was the ultimate terror weapon on the day. Packing about 2000 pounds of explosives and it arrived in England without warning. It is also the granddaddy to all intercontinental rockets today. Sobering.
This terror weapon was the V-1 that had a pulse motor that was launched on a ramp aimed at England. When it ran out of fuel it fell on some town or field. It became a high priority target for our bombers to knock them out. Interceptors could also knock them down. Some pilots used their wings to disrupt their flight.
They had the nose of a British Avro Lancaster bomber on display as well. The pilot was in the top cockpit, The bomb aimer seems to have 2 jobs including the nose machine gun operator. Maybe it was 2 guys up front.
In 1943 it was the top bomber technowledgy in the British bomber command. The radio guy sat behind the pilot's chair.
No it is not a joke as it may appear but this thing is a rocket plane that was very fast for the era. it would have to be timed well when the bombers were heading their way. it went very high and then glided into the bomber fleet then coast back to an airfield. Our fighters would wait for them as they approached the airfield and would make them easy targets.
Each display had a information sign near it to explain what they were looking at. I want to go back and read each one someday. I am a military nut as well as a railroad nut.

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