Sep 21, 2013

The Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, WA (Part 1)

Before the football game on Sunday we visited the Flying Heritage Museum near Paine Field where all those Boeing passenger planes are assembled. Boy was I impressed with the quality and selection of WW2 equipment they did on display.
The first one that caught my eye was this B-26 that is similiar to the ones that bombed Toyko back in 1942 with Gen. Doolittle. This one has extra 50 cal. blisters to do lots of strafing on the islands that the Japanese occupied back in the day.
A nasty airplane was the Mitsubishi Zero that dominated the skies over the Pacific until the F6F Hellcats and F4U Corsairs could challange them. The Zero was fast and long range as it
was built like a lightweight glider with no bullet protection for the pilot.
Talk about nasty, this is the feared 88mm gun that could bring down a US bomber at 30,000 feet or knock a hole in a Sherman tank with enough power to knock out another behind it.
The plane that saved England...the beautiful Spitfire that almost did not get built. Imagine us getting involved in the WW2 without England there as our base to fight the war?
This German fighter is the dreaded ME-109 that was a tough cookie for our bombers and fighters to go up against. Only the P-51 Mustang had the edge over it.

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