Sep 13, 2013

This BNSF is a garbage train!

This spot used to have a substancial wood bridge that I shot many times over the years with real train passing underneath, but now I have to put up with garbage trains!
Yes, real garbage trains as you can see by the tarps covering the tops! So BNSF makes money on our garbage, we'll have to keep them busy!
Another thing they haul are concrete ties at the CXT plant at Trentwood, WA This unit is running backwards but who am I to tell them which way to go?
Missed it by that much!  It goes to show that I don't get all my shots but this one was going slow enough for me to get out the camera from the console, take off the lens cap, turn on the
power, get the telephoto right and push the button.....a little too late.
I don't remember seeing a ballast train in a very long time and I caught this one passing Napa Street on safe grounds from my car window. Note the sun power grills on the sides
of the cars.
What is it?????  I would guess it is a rebuilt Model T but what do I know about cars? Is that a fuel tank or a depth charge?

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