Sep 9, 2013

Caught in the act!!!!

After checking out the fire alarms and making sure our insurance was paid up, Mike decided to connect 2 wires that were not connected to something because something wasn't working. No explosions or smoke was detected on our impromptu gathering on Sunday afternoon at the club.
These are the visitors and members who were at my 50th Anniversary party the night before and I invited them to stop by and see what we've been working on. My wife for one plus Jim T and wife, Kent C and wife, Burt W and suspenders, Alice's maid of honor from New Joisey, I even was able to get the big guy Mike A to show up!
Here is 800 pounds of model railroaders including my older brother Ed to the left. Yes he is from New Jersey as well and came 2650 miles for my party with his wife Marie.
Mike B had his 4 unit GN F unit set pulling about 18 cars and they ran well considering the wireing was holding up.
Scott S built a highly detailed chain link fence for the fuel dump and I had Burt install it. All it needs now is weeds!
The guys made me share the gatheirng of equipment that we had running Sunday and GN wins the popularity contest.

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