Sep 21, 2013

The Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, WA (Part 4)

In building 2 there is more WW2 history with these huge semi-translucent photos depicting the conditions the soldiers had to endure. Fight the enemy and survive the weather and terrain.
Look ma, no turret. It needs to turn the tracks to get in the direction of the target it wants to shoot at. The extreme slope of the armour means that a shot could bounce off its surface. It looks like a mean tank to me.
The famous T-34 with an upgraded gun to counter the German's 88 mm gun on wheels or in Tiger tanks they were sending into the Russian territory. It's strange to see one in winter garb.
If the wing folds then it is a Navy carrier fighter. The F6F was the backbone to the Navy's strike force in the Pacific after the Battle for Midway. It was tough and manouverable to keep
up with the Zeros.
The best the US had in 1940 was the P-40 Warhawk when we sent about 100 of these to fight in China before we got into the war. The teeth was part of the fear for the enemy to see who was coming their way. They were not very good against the Zero.

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