Sep 21, 2013

The Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, WA (Part 3)

This old bird is the British Hurricane that was the backup airplane to stop the German assault on England in 1940-41. Note the construction on the body and if you ever built a balsa model back in the day you can see the same construction to build the frame.
The famous P-51 Mustang with the bubble top canopy for better viewing instead of the original design. it was a dud as a fighter when it first came out and until they put in a Merlin Rolls Royce supercharged engine did it have the capacity to fly fast and have long legs to fly all the way to Berlin.
A plane from another era was this Russian 2 seater that flew at night with women pilots without parachutes because they weighed too much and they needed to drop bombs on the Germans and not worrry about the safety of the girl pilots! Ouch! Talk about the war on women!
It was as mean as it looks was the nong nosed FW-190 Dora. The fat blades tell you it was no average fighter.
There were many of these photo collections going all around the room depicating the different enemies and allies point of views.

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