May 20, 2017

She'll be coming around the mountain....but very slowly!

This odd looking steam engine was unique as steam engines go but it served a purpose to run on very rough rails in the backwoods of America. Speed was
not required but getting over quickly laid track on uneven ground was. The Climax engine served the logging industry for some 50 years and like most things
their time has past into history except in the modeling world. Our member Janus Ledum owned this little piece of history.
Member Tom Hindley asked me to rough up these 2 covered hoppers as they were too shiny and bright colors.
Now they look like they are earning a living for the railroads.
Happy go lucky Steve Weso has this 4 unit set of BN power pulling a 40 car coal train around the layout
on Thursday with 2 lease units in the lead.
The tail end of Steve's train was this highly detailed BN caboose  (when they used cabooses up until 1985)
Steve's friend heavy weathered this caboose just like the way they looked at the end of their careers.
New member Ver Walker acquired these 2 brutes in UP colors showing the flags on their flanks.
He also had a unit in push position at the rear and the train ran flawlessly.
Marvin again made pies and cake for our 3 members who are celebrating birthdays in May and everyone
who attended enjoyed the fruits of his efforts. Rod Huffman and Jim Bowden were the birthday boys
who were in attendance. Russ McPherson could not make it, maybe next time.


  1. Good Day,

    I love this layout, I am working on an HO layout and i have taken so many ideas from here for my own layout, keep up the good work

    All the best

    Alan Aitken

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