May 16, 2017

The past is relived every day at the Evergreen!

If you traveled on the Northern Pacific in the early 1950s you would have the pleasure of riding behind a multible set of F units such as these beauties
that Jim Bowden had on the layout today.
Jack was all over the layout today doing switching jobs with his little switch engine working the mines
and other industries and yards we have on the layout
When the Montana Rail Link started life in the early 1980s, Owner Dennis Washington decided to invest in
hand me down BN locomotives and part of the deal was a few of these wide nosed F45 units.
The Milwaukee Road was in business until 1980 when they decided to shrink the railroad back to the
midwest and abandon everything west of Mobridge, North Dakota. That was a sad day for railfans,
employees, and investors. Losing a transcon was painful.
Jack pointed out that this experimental paint job on this Southern Pacific diesel was very unique as to
the fact that there are 2 different schemes involved in this experiment. Look at the nose as one side has
the wings in red and the other was solid red.  Strange these railroad people?

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