May 3, 2017

Guess who officially retired today?

Keith's retirement party happened today and that should remove any doubt to any street rumors to the contrary. Here we see Keith with me at his
official last day as a BNSF engineer in the Spokane office at Yardley. 38 years is enough and that seals the deal!
Now we can play with model trains all day long just like Don Carnegie with his Milwaukee Road trains.
One loaded train going one direction where the opposite train brings the empties back to the mine.
Tom Kirk now has 4 UP engines for his trains pulling a long freight.
Jack Papas likes to do switching with a single unit just like they do around the Spokane yard.
Jack took my Milwaukee Road Fs for a spin with the clubs passenger cars.
Speaking of F units I am in the process of working over a bunch of plastic shells into BN units in both
A units with cabs and B units that are cabless. Of all the engines I have sold recently the BN Fs were
the ones that I regretted so I am making more for me and others.

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