May 13, 2017

Intruder alert!

Last week the club suffered an invader from the southeast in the form of Southern Railroad power.
They were big on high nose units that gave the crew a bit more crash protection from cars and trucks that
might get in their way. I can't remember who brought them in but they will return!
Speaking about foreigners, does Montana Rail Link count? Their tracks end about 75 miles northeast of Spokane at Sandpoint, Idaho where they connect with the old NP line
just north of the Sandpoint bridge. These units are from some guy named Steve Weso that makes railroad videos for our enjoyment.
Now we get to friendly territory where hometown boy Spokane, Portland and Seattle made Spokane
their eastern exit. These 4 Alco FAs are in the original scheme.
You heard of grain trains, now a new term has been hatched called crane trains. This one is the brain
child of Rod Huffman and it is being pulled by a Milwaukee Road steam engine, what are the odds?
Gone but not forgotten is this Northern Pacific 4-8-4 passenger engine. It was just sold on Ebay.
Western Pacific is well represented by John Schwarze who recently retired from the BNSF. Now that he is retired,
what does he do? He plays with model trains!!!

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