Dec 29, 2016

When you need a tow truck, guess who is going to show up?

Ex-member Bob Gadsby, a US border patrol agent for 40 years, came up with this scene but the car over the edge is a new wrinkle!
Scotty Smith was field testing his Canadian power on Tuesday with one of the units still sporting the
Expo '86 graphics that was held in Vancouver, BC that year. The site was the old CP yard that I found
the Royal Hudson in a roundhouse back some 10 years earlier.
Marvin now has plenty of NP units to pick a decade by running first generation locomotives that reflect
the 1950s.  Bigger locos mean later times and bigger cars as well.
Ne member Will Windom seems pleased to be fixing ballast and rail
on his new found home at the Evergreen Railroad. Will was a BNSF
engineer, now a fireman over in North Idaho.
Tom Kirk had his two newest steamers in Rio Grande markings pulling his long passenger train.
Keen eyes are trying to spot an issue where something is not working properly. Scotty is on the floor,
Marvin has the red shirt and Steve Weso, yes that Steve, has the pop can, smiling as usual.

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