Dec 2, 2016

Gathering of the mighty Challengers

By chance a number of members brought in their 4-6-6-4 Challenger locomotives for 4 different railroads to the club last night. One of these locos is impressive enough but
four of them was special. The top one is a 2 tome grey Union Pacific loco in passenger colors. Coming out of the tunnel is a NP loco,  Rio Grande and SP&S going the other way.
Steve Weso got 50 cars behind his SP&S Challenger and it climbed at least 2 percent grade with it.
Marvin's Challenger had a NP freight with F units in competition from Greg Mercier. I don't remember who won.
The club's UP Challenger had a mix of UP and Evergreen passenger cars in tow loaded with
railfans that are welcomed on their railroad.
Keith decided to test run his group of new boxcars so he acquired this beautiful SP&S C-636 Alco

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