Dec 24, 2016

Last steam train to Mount Whitney

Management has finally made the effort to dieselize their operations at their 2 mines on the Green Branch and general Manager Burt Burtley announced that
engine #400 was to make the final trip up the mountain to deliver some supplies to one of their valuable customers on Mount Whitney. The shop crew polished up
old #400 for the run before retirement. Maybe it will be retired to a park nearby?
To get to the mine old #400 has to navigate numerous tunnels and wooden bridges that are about
as old as #400 but still has a few years left as long as the gold/silver/tin/lead/money holds out.
New member Will Windom had this brand new Portland & Western diesel working the lumber mill
as he got familiar with the industries along the line.
Rod Huffman has been collecting cabooses, 76 to be exact and he set them up to have the longest
run with cabooses on the layout. The excitement was felt by all who were there that this was a
momentous occasion. The audience was looking forward to the grand event.
Here it comes around the layout passing upstart P&W with a log load for the mill but we are climbing
the grade to set the world record for a caboose move of this magnitude! I can still hear the crowd
cheering for the engineer to make it happen!
Woops! Rod had to eat a little crow as something went wrong and pulled a few cabooses off the
track. Rod finally set a record caboose hop but not for 76 of them. The final count is being kept
secret for the time being, maybe next week? Maybe during our open house next Thursday?
I wonder if therapy would help?

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