Dec 24, 2016

Fw: There's a new sheriff at the Evergreen!

Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2016 1:14 AM
Subject: There's a new sheriff at the Evergreen!
There has been plenty of photos done over the years on the Northern Pacific in freight black and yellow and passenger Lowey scheme 2 tone green but rarely have we
seen the pre-Lowey green/black/yellow butter knife paint scheme. Well now we have with the intoduction by Jim Bowden to bring a new look to the Evergreen. It's well
detailed and the sound was fantastic.
Keith Wiles had a few SP&S locos with a freight ready to take it to the Columbia River. I learned that
the big C-636s were unreliable so the older Alco FAs were added for insurance to keep the train
moving to the next siding and out of the way of other trains
These two trains never met in real life as the time zone would have been some 35 years between
them operating on the NP tracks through places like Paradise, Montana.
Mike Baker showed up with a clean set of Burlington Route F units passing Cobbleton station.
Montana Rail lInk was a late upstart around 1985 when they took over the main line from Laurel
(Billings) Montana to Sandpoint, Idaho from the BN (ex-NP). It's a mistake that BN made in giving up
one of their main lines through Montana. Now the BNSF pays MRL to travel over that track.
Another nice shot of Jim's F units (F for fifteen hundred horsepower par engine)

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