Dec 24, 2016

The Evergreen family wishes all of you out there a Very Happy Christmas and the Joyous New Year!

That's me on the left, Janice in the middle and Rod on the right, he's the one with the beard! I'm taking a selfie just like you see on TV!
We have 3 new members in the past three weeks and here they are together. The first guy is Ernest, middle guy is Will and the big guy in Mike.
We now have in our club 1 Ernest, 1 Will and 7 Mikes! Pretty soon were are going to have nameplates for the 7 Mikes to keep them identified. Or not!
This is what happens when you leave your phone on the selfie stick and go to dinner without it.
I think we can eliminate Don, Tom and Janis as the guilty party?
Last week we had a Christmas/New year's/Birthday party for the club members and what a time it was
to have pizza and dessert available to all who showed up. Then again its always party time just showing up
and playing with trains!

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