Nov 30, 2016

43 years of locomotive improvements

Member Greg Mercier showed up today at the club with his new Northern Pacific Challenger Z-8 as well as his #29 2-8-0 and I was impressed with the difference in size that
the little turn of the century was the mainstay of freight operations for the NP in that time period. In 1943 the first 4-6-6-4 wheel arrangements started showing up and were
not only bigger but more powerful to meet the needs of fighting wars on 2 continents. I think they called it World War 2?
In trail of that big engine were a fleet of 40 foot ice reefers to keep meats, fruits and veggies chilled
for the journey to the rest of the nation. New York City did not grow much of this stuff.
Marvin had his BN SD40-2s running with a fuel tender to get them through Montana without stopping
to fuel up. They don't use them any more with the Hauser Fuel Depot doing the honors today.
Tom Kirk has a Union Pacific wide nose EMD unit leading a group of Rio Grande locos.
Another cute NP caboose showed up on Greg's train today and is it a cutie as caboose go.
Keith Wiles had this SP&S caboose hop running the mains. That spot of red really stands out in the photo.

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