Nov 17, 2016

Wild turkeys and orange monsters!

You poor folk don't necessary need to go without a fancy turkey dinner if you know where to look in
the Spokane Valley as there is a flock (herd) of them here. They seem to be a pesky problem as they
can dirty up a driveway or a lawn pretty fast.
I saw this Union Pacific train heading west so I went over to the signal tower only to catch a BNSF
train heading east for this passing in the evening shot to get both of them. Lucky me! UP has trackage
rights through Spokane until Cheney where they get on their own tracks to Oregon.
New spot for photography is this underpass in Rathrum, Idaho about 1 mile east of the BNSF
fuel depot. The arch is in the girder to give it more strength than a straight one.
That famous coal train talked about earlier had two Dash 9 units of 4400 hp with another pushing at
the other end. Note the sag in the tracks at the rear.
Same train passing over the Barker Road crossing about 2 miles north of the train club. Welded rail,
concrete ties, roller bearings and plenty of power to keep it on schedule. Paved roads as well!

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