Nov 4, 2016

A meeting of the minds!

I noticed quite a bit of new equipment was running on the layout after we came back from dinner Thursday night and somehow all of the runners stopped their
train at a wide spot near the back of the layout. We have doodlebugs, Sounders, SP&S Alcos, EMD Milwaukee Road units, Amtrak P40s GE units and a set
of good old EMD F units for the Western Pacific. It don't get much better than this!
A Santa Fe doodlebug rail car has a unique flat car load it was hauling around in the form of a
Mini-Me. It's the creation of Rod Huffman and it's a very cleaver idea of modeling with a
touch of creativity.
Two very different passenger trains meet up with each other at Cobbleton. One is the Sounder that
the folks on Pudget Sound know very well as a commuter train serving Seattle and other cities.
The other is Amtrak with 3 different paint schemes that Steve Weso had running on a long haul train.
The end of the SP&S is near but until they merge into BN they soldier on with old and new Alco
power to get their freight to and from Spokane and Portland.  Keith Wiles is the GM for this railroad.
The long haul Amtraks around here are 15 to 17 cars lengths to handle the heavy business at times
to get people in and out of the Northwest.
The Western Pacific still lives in the heart of John Schwarze as it was merged into the mighty
Union Pacific some 35 years ago. John grew up with the WP and remembers it with model railroading.

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