Nov 11, 2016

Ever see a micro motor?

Scotty Smith showed me what a micro motor looks like and I thought I would show it to you. They are
so small they could be the future of how model locomotives could be powered in the future as little
traction motors on each axle next to the wheel just like the real ones have the traction motor on the axle.
We all have one of them already if you have a cell phone that is able to vibrate. This is what does that.
We had a visitor at the club last night and he ran his coal train on our layout. No coal dust was found
after his run? How could that be?
The mighty Steve Weso checks out the wheels on our little steamer on a high bridge to see what is the
problem with it not behaving.
Greg Mercier has the 3 clean green BN locos passing through our port district but alas this train has
no Boeing airplane bodies in transit. Maybe next time. Greg worked at Boeing for many years.
Do not adjust your computer screen as this is a Baldwin loco and they don't look like any normal
early diesel engine. Spokane and Pasco had them in 1967 as I saw them but didn't know why they
looked different then the other EMD models.  Greg owns this one as well.
We had out monthly birthday bash at the club last night and I am one of the November and 3 of the 5
birthday boys were there to be the honored guests. Besides me there was Mike Olin and Steve Welton
that got the famous song sung to as well. The other 2 members that were not there where Steve Hart
and Mike Baker? 2 special pies were consumed by the members and guests.

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