Nov 9, 2016

Factory fresh EMDs passing through

Once a while you see nice and clean locomotives heading up a freight train wherever you live including Spokane. Greg Mercier had 3 on his special train on Tuesday.
Last week Mike Baker had his GN Big Sky Geep pulling a gaggle of trailers to a delivery spot.
By the way I have 3 foot by 4 foot blueprints of downtown Spokane available for sale at $10.00
for you guys that want to see where all the tracks were located before the massive removal of
the railroads that used to call Spokane one of their service centers. Also have GN Hillyard as well.
Milwaukee Road and Amtrak duel it out as they head in the same direction. I saw this matchup back in
1974 in Montana as 2 Little Joes were past up by an Amtrak train heading east.
Here's a close up view of Mini-Me in the form of Gas Electircs in 2 different scales.
Who knew Amtrak had this many paint schemes on the P40/42 GE locos?

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