May 12, 2014

Where the rail lines went west of Spokane.

The big change in Spokane railroads in 1973 was the Latah Bridge that changed everything. Now all the railroads could use one exit  from downtown Spokane using the ex-NP overhead where cars and trains need not co-exist. 
  • The old UP track coming off High Bridge  is seen as a remnant to the right of the wye crossing over I-90.
  • The SP&S line coming from Fort Wright crosses I-90 and you can still  see a shadow of the line lining up with the north leg of the wye.
  • Trains going to/from Seattle use the north leg while most trains going to Portland go west on the south leg.
  • The old NP line takes in the east bounds from Pasco/Portland.

Any questions? Did I get it right?

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