May 12, 2014

Remember the caboose?



In 1986 the trailing caboose faded into history just like this one in Nevada. Turned into a cabin of sorts just big enough for a fella to live in. I can't imagine a woman putting up with it but who knows.
They came in all sizes including this little fella with 4 wheels and a smokestack. A rough rider I would think?
Many came with high coupolla? so the crew could see the over higher boxcars and other equipment they were required to haul.
Some had low bridges or tunnels so the top needed to fit under them. Most had a bathroom of sorts, a bunk or two, a desk for the conductor to do his paperwork and a stove to cook and heat the place.
Some railroads though that a bay window was a much safer and easier place to watch the train ahead
Having round port holes for windows made them modern looking like a 1953 Buick Skylark!
This Canadian National caboose is one of the most modern I have ever run across. It has the look of a short passenger car! Of all the changes on the railroads over the past 50 years I miss the caboose the most!

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