May 17, 2014

The 3 Smiths and 4 Mikes club

Tom Smith, yes we have 3 Smiths in the club, stopped by last night to run his equipment on the layout that we never saw before. Spike keeps his eye on the photographer! ( Actually he is a Mike!)
Tom had Norfolk Southern power with a container train on the Blue line while Don had a Milwaukee Road train with Bi-Centennial #156 on the point.
The trailing equipment were Road Railers that are truck trailers equipped with railroad wheels that drop down to make them work as a boxcar would. Tom did the work himself to make it look like the real thing!
Burt been working on the apron lift on the port and secured everything in place. I did the weathering! I even rusted up the chain that holds the weights that keeps the apron aligned to the barge.
A wider view of the dock area shows we have another barge in place that will carry bulk products such as logs, grain, sand, just like the Evergreen barges that work the mighty Columbia River.
Looking for a train display? I have 2 of them I could sell. They are made from exterior plywood (T-111) with the 4 inch spacing for the models. I then added 1/4" plywood for shelving, tapped it into the groves and painted them with the ends cut and added as end pieces.  Make me an offer I can't refuse!

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