May 28, 2014

Northern Pacific Railroad is honored at the Evergreen.

Two options are possible with this photo....we had a flood at the Evergreen or Photo Shop removed the edge of the earth! Marvin's NP Geeps move carefully past the new water level along the edge of Old Town.
The age of steam power is near the end as 684, a Spokane engine, crosses a wood bridge that is also reaching its life span, but not on the Evergreen!
We rented a helicopter to get this shot of a F unit set passing Mt. Whitney.
The high angle shows the layout in a new view.
Mike Baker promises to finish the Blue Yard weathering so more phortos can be shot in this area.
No NP cabooses are in the yard as they are out there working for a living.
Marvin found a low spot in the Red Main and Scotty arrived in time yesterday to fix the problem. I just don't  know how Scotty fit into the little crane to do it?

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