May 4, 2014

Weird stuff on the SP&S

This could be a photo from the wild west where buffalo roamed the plains and the SP&S has a wartime passenger train westbound near Palouse, Washington, but you would be wrong!
Check out the BNSF extra water tender in trail. Year was 2006.  Weird. 
Why would a large 4-6-6-4 Challenger be pulling a long freight train backwards?  My guess is that it is switching cars around at Marshall to leave some cars for the NP and will take the rest to Pasco or Hillyard, Washington depending on which way he is going. My guess is Hillyard as that is the way he is pointing. I told you they do weird stuff!
I can't blame the SP&S for this one as their one and only E-7 has a BN number on it. I think I recall the guys calling it the dip stick paint job as its days are numbered.
This one is not weird as it is how a SP&S locomotive should look prim and proper with striping. Same loco 20 years apart.
The SP&S #54 got a reverse paint job  as the green is in the middle and has a small yellow band above. The icicles are optional. I could not find a wide shot of it.
The #4061 has a BN number at Wishram, Washington along the Columbia River with one Alco behind it has the BN Green already applied to it. But it has the proper paint scheme, anyone at Atlas listening?

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