May 9, 2014

A little prototype ....and a little modeling.

Whenever I leave Sunset Junction Hobby Shop and head west towards town ( 5 blocks) is the overpass on Division and Sprague Avenue. Yesterday I caught these 2 pushers with an oil train heading west as well. The hopper is a buffer car so no e-mails please. BNSF is so in need of power that CP units are down here helping out.
Last night there was a wide diversity ( don't you just love that word?) of power running on trains and Tom Frank's collection gets a few weathered hoppers added to his collection.
Marv Sheppard had his good sounding Geeps trolling the line looking for revenue to deliver to happy customers and one grump.
Big Red was visiting Evergreen just like the first shot of CP power in the US. Look how nice and clean our Canadian brothers keep their equipment looking good.
Another connection we have with Canada is the Spokane International ( that's where the International in the name comes in). 2 RS-1s work the yard with their 1000 horsepower locos. Puny by today's standard.
Northern Pacific meets Northern Pacific from 2 different eras. Would 4-4-0s be working the railroad when the Geeps arrived? We had 9 visitors at the club on Tuesday and one of the visitors was so impressed that she left a $100 dollar bill in the donations box!  Only the non-member Heimerdinger Foundation has done more!

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