May 18, 2014

Remember this loco?

Calvin had this Katy loco at the club this past week and I showed it as what Union Pacific is doing to keep the heritage logos in their corporate structure. A friend of mine sent this photo of the real one to me yesterday.
The model seems to be a bit cleaner but it also has not run off a million miles and made Calvin a millionaire either. P.S. Calvin the real loco has a black horn!  I've got to change my meds!
I overlooked Spike's new CP engine on the last e-mail so I fixed it up with headlights a little rust and got rid of the Kadee uncoupling wire that hangs down to the tracks.
Tom Kirk took on the job of cleaning the rails by pulling around the club's tank car that puts cleaning liquid of the rails and wipes it of any oils and dirt. Do we have dirt on our tracks?
A better shot of Bob's camera car shows it aiming the camera away from the aisles and into the scenery.  I think it's black magic!
Clearance was a problem in one place on the Green Branch and I had to push the angle of the camera down a 1/4 inch to clear this tunnel portal. Looking forward to the results!

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