Jan 31, 2016

Forgotten model photos from long ago...as much as 3 months I think!

John Smith had his big time Southern Pacific engines riding the rails in what was their last paint scheme
before the UP/SP merger.  Merger? The UP ate the SP.
Eras conflict here as Milwaukee Road passenger trains with E8 power were long gone before
the BN showed up in history or anywhere else.
The Rio Grande still lives but only at the Evergreen Railroad as it wound up in the Southern Pacific
merger just a few years before the UP did it to SP.
The miniature version ( 1/87 scale ) of the real Northern Pacific North Coast Limited glides through
the Northwest. I rode it 3 times coming out west in 1963, 1966 and moved out here in 1967.
What a wonderful train ride it was as I had my nose to the vista dome glass very chance I could.
Gas turbines were only on the Union Pacific and they worked well when fuel was 29 cents a gallon.
When fuel cost rose in the 1.00 a gallon then they were not very efficient. There's a jet engine in there,
they made a lot of noise just to made the electricity for the traction motors. I saw one in 1969 in Ogden!
Finally, I didn't know Marvin worked for the Santa Fe?
I think the Los Angeles Police gave him a ticket for illegal parking.

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