Jan 29, 2016

Fw: Railfaning by drone?

I don't normally get this high up to get a shot of the Beaver Canyon area
where Canadian Pacific and BN locos parallel each other.
Different members bring the club layout up to date with modern BNSF power passing each other.
Mr. Buffet would be proud?
Bob Gadsby has his his own set of modern power but for Uncle Pete ( Union Pacific).
His first car shows 2 Oscar Meyer weiner cars on their way to parades and people pointing fingers at them.
Anthony Weiner would be proud?
Marvin's NP F units ran smoothly on Thursday this time on the Red Line which is our secondary line
on the club layout. It has 32 inch radius where the Blue main has 36 inch radius.
Watch out! Near disaster was averted when 2 trains showed up on the same track but going in different
directions. I guess someone shut off the sensors or this should not have happened!

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