Jan 20, 2016

The tale of two U Boats!

About a year ago a model manufacturer came out with a terrific model of the General Electric U25 (2500 horsepower) which had a bright yellow nose. It looks pretty good except I thought that the yellow was too yellow. Now the same manufacturer came out with a very similar version of the U28 but this time the yellow is this dark mustard yellow that by itself looked pretty good. When I put the models together the colors do not look right. What's a rivet counter to do?
This is what I found in my photo collection tonight of a relatively new U25 ( the number tells you that) and the color seems to be about in the middle of the 2 choices the manufacturer gave us.  Do I repaint both?
Going by the yellow used on F units would confuse the modeler enough that he may switch to N scale!
Better yet a fella could switch to Santa Fe or BN.  Say, how come the BN locos are a different green than the boxcar? Maybe I better switch to radio controlled airplanes or tanks or Barbie Dolls?
One of our deranged members put up these characters mooning the passenger trains and railroad crews in the back of the layout as well.  At least we got the colors right.
I traveled to work the other day along Trent Avenue in the hopes of seeing something out of the ordinary and the BNSF did not let me down. I have seen track inspection trucks and railcars before but this heavy duty truck was a new one on me. It is crossing Pines Road in the Valley and was headed east. It sends an electronic signal through the track and it detects cracks before they go boom!

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