Jan 31, 2016

Photo comes in over the internet.

As most of you know we have a model train club in the Spokane Valley but some of you may not know we
used to have a real railroad across Appleway Road. You can see the Greenacres Shopping Center sign on the extreme left of
the photo where our club storefront is located. I want to thank whoever sent it to me as I don't know who W. Gregor is. Photo taken 1979.
( copy below ) Milwaukee Road pulled out of the Northwest in 1980.  CDA Patrol refers to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Tracks are now a bike path.
H i Jerry. I thought you and your fellow modelers might enjoy this image of the Milwaukee Road CDA Patrol heading back toward Dishman.
It appears this image was taken right across E Appleway Ave and N Greenacres Rd from your club house. MP-15AC 471 is pulling a healthy
train of lumber products for 1979. ENJOY!

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