Jan 24, 2015

Variety is the spice of life!

Thursday was variety day as these pictures show!  We first start with Don Carnegie and his traveling orange and black show. This time its 4 big units from EMD and GE.
Keith Wiles showed up with new power for his SP&S passenger train in the form of 2 F units in the original paint scheme.
New member John Schwarze turns out to be a big Western Pacific modeler and he had 2 U-boats as part of his power set.
Another new toy that Keith brought with him was a custom painted C-415 which the SP&S had 3 new units at one time. These were used as switchers on the railroad. We are going to fix those numberboards!
Spike Gorley is all Canadian and his trains prove it as they pass Don's Milwaukee Road set.
The top of the mountain got some attention last night as I colorized the rock and gave the ground some cover. The rock debris looks dark but I hope it lightens up when it dries. If not primer grey will be used. Trees to follow.

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