Jan 4, 2015

Disease found at the Evergreen train club!

Recently posted on our refrigerator door by Marvin is this age old problem that I know I have suffered from over the past 50 years.  After achieving a level of acquision of 600 HO locomotives and 3000 cars I have been officially designated a carrier of such a problem. I have sold off about 50 percent of this collection but I can say I still have more than most. Just saying!
Here is a close up of the problem....other than the "Lies to everyone" comment I confess to the rest. Club President to 2 train clubs, trying to save train stations from
destruction, putting on conventions, organizing tours of home train layouts, picnics, clinics of weathering and scenery....yes, I am guilty of being a pusher in the hobby.
Just don't tell the wife!
Back to yesterday at the club Jim had the Santa Fe steam engine pulling a freight train and this model was putting out real smoke! Trust me on this and I didn't need to add Photoshop smoke either.
My Great Northern F units took a breather and got some mechanical attention from the shop crew.
I took my SP&S Alcos out for a spin and they did not perform very well as one of the units kept loosing its memory and was pulled along with the others. Oh well, they are Alcos!
Here's a close up to one of Jim's flatcar loads and I was impressed with the securing of the barrels with the wood brackets and the wire banding around them.
Upon shutting down the lights at the club last night I realized that some of our efforts go unnoticed and that is the lighting we put into our buildings and streets. Just about every building has lighting and it adds a lot to the scenery.

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