Jan 9, 2015

Disaster on the Evergreen Railroad!

A sun kink in a welded rail is suspected in the derailment of a westbound Boeing train that was heading for Everett, Washington. No one was hurt but the aircraft bodies are a total loss!
Don't believe everything you read, especially when Jerry Quinn is putting out a model railroad e-mail with Marvin Sheppard in cahoots with Jerry. We are just reminding you folks that this very thing happened on the Montana Rail Link this past summer. Six plane bodies hit the hillside and river. Yikes!
Another wreck occurred on the front part of the layout but this time it wasn't staged! Brock Nelson had his 3 giant UP SD90s pulling a very long train and put lightweight containers up front. When Brock started his train up the grade the light cars decided to pull in a straight line with all those cars in the background acting as an anchor.
There's the rest of the train so let that be a lesson for all you wanna be engineers!
Finally Brock got everything pulling in an orderly fashion and didn't have another problem!
One of our number asked about Santa Fe and do I have any to show? Yes, but just a few. Almost makes you want to visit southern California back in the 50s?

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